Our Mission

MEGWETCH! We are a small congregation, that gathers every Sunday for prayer and worship at 12:30pm in the traditional way and moved by the Good News of Christ Jesus. We value our diversity and welcome everyone. We try to provide a safe circle for the growth of the human spirit free from judgmental attitudes. Joyfully celebrating and participating in the sacraments, we are committed to just and compassionate action. Originally meeting for Sunday Mass in the Jesuit residence of Fr. Barney Mayhew SJ, who was then the chaplain for the Native People of Toronto, the Native Peoples’ Mass now takes place at St. Ann’s Parish who welcomed us into the church building to express our faith with traditional symbols such as smudge and the drum, which is used during the Penitential Rite. According to our tradition, the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and prayers to the six directions used for creating a sacred circle for purification and healing.